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Hotel De La Opera

Bogota, Colombia

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Hotel De La Opera - Bogota, Colombia

Hotel De La Opera

Calle 10
No. 5-72 La Candelaria
Toll Free: PBX (571) 336 2066

Good service is for us a culture, to fulfill our guest?s expectations, with a competitive and compromising group of workers. The Hotel de La Opera sprang up from the restoration of two distinguished and renowned houses next to the Colón Theater, built during the years 1800 and 1900, once used as headquarters for the spaniard encomendadores, and later on by Liberator's Simón Bolívar personal guard, whose presidential residence, the Palacio de San Carlos, located at La Candelaria is at this moment the Chancellery site, located exactly in front of the Hotel.

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Hotel De La Opera


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