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Thornewood Castle

Lakewood, Washington - United States

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Thornewood Castle - Lakewood, United States

Thornewood Castle

Lakewood, WA 98498
United States

At Thornewood Castle, history and fairy tales are made from such as this. The "house that love built" continues to this day to enchant visitors from far and wide. It stands as a tribute to a man, Chester Thorne, who gave a whole new meaning to the term "built to last". The building materials brought around "the Horn" from England carry whisperings of the Renaissance past. Materials from the Northwest crafted 100 years ago by workman, who produced only the best quality, mark a labor of love. Wishes from the native American workman who built this grand house on the Pacific Rim whisper "Goodwill to all who pass this way and protection for the house" as evidenced by the wish bone sticks hanging around the perimeter of the basement. Love is felt everywhere upon the property and in the house built for Thorne's bride. As years have past, restoration and repairs have continued by the current owners. The mood, mystery, love, and history continue on as each guest passes through the 500 year old castle doors. Spend the night as a Bed & Breakfast guest in this romantic, refreshing, renewing setting. Be a part of the history in the "House that love built".

You will be a welcome guest!

A 400 year old Elizabethan manor in England was purchased by Mr. Thorne and dismantled and shipped brick by brick from England to be included in the building of Thornewood. The famous architect, Kirkland Cutter, was in charge of this most interesting Tudor Gothic project. The crystal windows were made in England. Stained glass panels and chard?s are inset in the window and date 1300 to 1750. You should be looking through them when the snow is falling, magnificent! The staircase as well as the doors were hand hewn from ancient English oak and are held together by wood dowels. Be sure and read the description page for insight into the man who built and the history of this wonderful home. Located on American Lake in Lakewood, WA., Thornewood is only a short drive from Seattle or Tacoma and will make any vacation/trip complete. For those in the Northwest, "a trip to England" is only a short drive from home and only requires a reservation.

The sunken "Secret Garden" is truly English in every way. Find the gates and you will feel you are stepping into the novel "The Secret Garden". The garden was designed by the Olmsted Brothers and exists today much as it did in the Thorne?s day. The garden is being restored from original plans and notes.

Guests are often delighted when they attend one of our special evenings or weekends at Thornewood. Mysteries, theme evenings, masquerade balls, film screenings, some Shakespeare or perhaps a romantic dinner may be on the menu. Be sure to check when making a reservation to see if there will be any "special events" held during your stay that you would like to attend or participate in. A reservation is required for all our special evenings. Dates and information is listed further in our site under "Events" or "See the Castle"

Thornewood Castle starred as "Rose Red" in the ABC television mini-series. Stephen King's "Rose Red" was a made-for-television movie, "The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer, My Life at Rose Red" was written by Ridley Pearson. An adaptation of his book was filmed at Thornewood Castle in 2003, as a prequel to Rose Red and was broadcast on ABC. The second movie is "The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer". Both films are now available on DVD. Once again Thornewood Castle will star as "Rose Red". Guests who have or will see these films find a special adventure in walking through the house and in the Secret Garden.

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Thornewood Castle

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