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Chateau d Etoges

Etoges, France

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Chateau d Etoges - Etoges, France

Chateau d Etoges

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Chateau d'Etoges was built at the beginning the 17th century by the count of Anglure. The Castle was used as a base for the kings of France while travelling the eastern road between Paris and Strasbourg. The Chateau is located in the vicinity of Reims in Champagne, not far from the famous vineyards of la "Côte des Blancs". The medieval fortress, rebuilt in the 17th century stands in a wooden park with natural fountains. Louis XIV admired the numerous ornamental ponds; his descendant Louis XVI, when he fled to Varennes in 1791, recognised his valet's country house?It is said that Louis XVI stopped here during his escape to Varennes during the French Revolution. After the Revolution, Etoges became the property of Marshall Lannes's wife; there she played host to Napoleon the First's court. Today, the Chateau has revived this tradition of warm welcome. Surrounded by moats and tastefully furnished, Etoges will also captivate you with its regional and refined cooking. The Chateau has been in the current family's possession for more than a Century and continues the tradition of offering hospitality to passing guests as an exclusive hotel. Chateau d?Etoges is situated in the south of the "Cote des Blancs" region, one of the main champagne producing areas.

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Chateau d Etoges

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