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Featured Hotel: North Island Seychelles

Hotels of the Rich and Famous Featured Hotel

North Island Seychelles

          When most think of Africa, they imagine desert safaris, savanna plains and dense jungle. Little do they know Africa is home to the world’s best kept secret — North Island. The island paradise is located in Africa’s smallest country Seychelles; archipelagos off the western coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean. The county is a favorite get-a-way for some of the world’s most famous people such as Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston, Pierce Brosnan, Paul McCartney, Heather Mills and North Island was recently used in the movie Thunderbirds as an island fortress.

          Once thought to be the location of Eden, the islands have a surreal ambiance that one must experience to understand. The turquoise blue of the crystal clear waters, vibrant greens of the foliage, perfume of the islands unique flowers, the purples and reds from the flawless sunsets warm your heart, while sounds of the ocean rising and falling over the pure white sands immerse your senses with bliss. Not just another place, another world is Seychelles slogan and North Island is no exception.

          Rated by Forbes Magazine in the “Top 10 Travel Destinations” in 2007, the hotel was designed by Silvio Rech and his wife Lesley Carstens, award winning architects from South Africa. “We call the look of the resort couture Robinson Crusoe” says Silvio whose aim is to unite man with nature. The brilliant designs provide a feeling of relaxation and harmony. The neutral color tones blend flawlessly with the island’s granite rocks, woods and ocean sands. No doubt this attention to every detail is the reason Harpers Bazaar voted North Island number one of “the best Hotels on Earth”.

          The focus on nature continues with the resort‚s masterfully calculated villas. These eleven intimate retreats provide you with the feeling of being in a home away from home. Luxurious yet not ostentatious, the interiors are framed by Banwas wood, the island own granite coves and ylang-ylang roofs; which are all handcrafted by local craftsman. While the use of open air windows provide extraordinarily clean air to fill your lungs, as you sigh with contentment in your over-sized luxurious tub.

          The prestigious Condé Nast Traveller rated North Island “No 1 in the World, Best of the Best” thanks to the eleven 5,000 square foot villas. Each villa offers either two bedrooms or a master bedroom and a study, air-conditioned living room, a kitchen, a dining area, and a large en-suite bathroom with marble bath and two showers - one indoor and one outdoor. The private sanctuaries are reminiscent of a childhood tree house; except with a private pool, lavish fabrics and linens, massage area, private garden, satellite television, and dial up Internet access.

          The care-free, bare-foot atmosphere relaxes you to the point of mid-day slumber, the food and wine seduce your pallet, while the island’s spa refreshes your soul; Truly making North Island, Heaven on Earth.

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North Island Seychelles

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