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Travel the World with Gilles Marini

by Heather Holman on Monday, June 06th

  • Actor Gilles Marini
    The multi faceted Gilles Marini is most famously known as Luc on the Emmy winning drama Brothers and Sisters, Dancing with the Stars in which he placed 2nd place nearly winning the Mirror Ball Trophy, and from his big screen role as Samantha's stunningly gorgeous neighbor in the first Sex and the City Movie. He has worked with a range of talent stars such as Academy Award winning actress Vanessa Redgrave, Golden Globe winning Kim Cattrall, and Oscar Nominated Rachel Griffiths.

    Before breaking in to the world of acting the french born actor worked as a baker, enlisted in the French army and was discovered as a model in Paris. During his modeling career, Gilles developed an eye for photography. His acting career has taken him and his family, all over the world. He recently has started documenting their travels with photographs which he shares with us at Hotels of the Rich and Famous during this exclusive interview.

    Gilles Marini Interview
    All Photographs below are taken by Actor Gilles Marini - Portrait above Copyright © Landry Major

    HH: You've been a model, actor, dancer, director, athlete and now a photographer, is there no end to your talents?

    GM: I am honored that you think that I am talented, but I feel it's still the very beginning! As an artist, I don't see any end when it comes down to explore yourself. I love to challenge myself and look for new art forms! I have so much to learn to feel and to share.

    HH: Your photography focuses on your travels and sometimes your adorable children who are very photogenic. Any chance either of them will follow in your footsteps to stardom? (Gille's Daughter Juliana shown in "Kiss the Crab" right and Son Georges, shown below in "Running away")

    GM: Well if my kids wants to follow my footsteps then I will be there to guide them and support there dreams. Whatever they will do I'll be there for them!

    HH: Where is your favorite place you've visited on your travels?

    GM: You are killing me with this question! *laughs* There are so many places in the world and so many that I visited. I loved the Australian way, their kindness, the beauty of the country, and those incredible untouched places! It was such a highlight of our life when I took my son there! A+

    We also came back from Bora Bora, couple weeks ago. The people, the water and the incredible resorts blew my mind. If you like to explore the ocean, then it's the perfect destination. Also it's very romantic and calm! One of the most beautiful place on earth.

    HH: Which hotel do you stay at your favorite vacation spot?

    GM: I will say the St. Regis Resort in Bora Bora - an exquisite Gem in the pacific. Also try the Pearl Resort if you want more lay back and like a villa on the beach!

    HH: How about your favorite places in the States?

    GM: New York City is magic to me, there is no place like it in the world. It's one of my favorite restaurant hangouts, that and visiting the south. The people of Mississippi are so generous and nice!

    HH: Is there a specific brand of hotels you prefer or style of hotel?

    GM: I would said that the most important is how the hotel trains there employees! I love the "Hello" with a smile and the "good morning". The Hilton does a great job at that and sometimes little boutique hotels are just perfect, it all depends! Like I said earlier, if you want an amazing service the St Regis was incredible.

    Gilles Marini NYC
    HH: Can we buy prints of your photography?

    GM: No, not yet. I think I need much more photographs and also I will start with little show of my work first and feel the reactions of the people. Its a work in progress.

    HH: Any other projects in the works?

    GM: Yes and unfortunately I can't talk about it yet. I have a play, some music, an ad campaign and some movie ideas in the works. Just need to look at all the options and chose the best for my career.

    HH: I’d love to see you on the big screen again and music? There really is no end to your talents! Thanks for joining me today and sharing your beautiful photography.

    GM: Thanks so much for having me!

    Need more Gilles?

    For more of Gilles Marini's Photography visit his Photography Facebook Page:
    Gilles Marini Photography
    Lighthouse Mississippi

    Visit his Offical Website:

    Follow Gilles on Twitter:

    Like him on Facebook:
    Gilles Marini Offical Facebook

    Request an autographed picture by sending a self-addressed, 5x7 prepaid envelope to:

    Gilles Marini Autograph Request
    P.O Box 1505
    Studio City, CA 91604-0505

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    Travel the World with Gilles Marini

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