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Project MyWorld's New Adventure Girl - Bridgetta Tomarchio

by Heather Holman on Monday, October 01th

  • Brigetta Project Myworld In case you haven’t had the privilege of watching, Project Myworld is a hip and engaging travel show on DirecTV’s 101. The show focuses on three American girls in their 20’s who find love, adventure and music through the pop phenomenon ? Myspace. Last season the girls toured all around Europe meeting interesting people and seeing some amazing places. This season Shaina and Renee are back but the part of the adventure girl was up for re-casting. After searching through hundreds of applicants, the choice was clear ? the fun, fearless and sexy Bridgetta Tomarchio!

    Bridgetta Tomarchio has had small roles in Lords of Dogtown, HBO’s Entourage and The West Wing. Besides acting and modeling, Bridgetta has been a snake handler, a Britney Spears back-up dancer, Val Kilmer’s assistant, the body double of Katie Holmes, a mud wrestler, plus she's had police training and pilot training. Bridgetta is sure to add to the cast of Project Myworld and bring us on some incredible adventures. The new season premier today and luckily for us Bridgetta has taken time out of her busy day for an interview with Hotels of the Rich and Famous!

    HH: Congratulations on being selected as the new adventure girl on DirecTV’s Project Myworld. You beat out hundreds of girls with your charming personality and great looks. How psyched are you about today’s series premier of this unique travel show?

    BT: Thank you! I am so psyched for the premier! We went to some amazing places and met up with our myspace friends, who all turned out to be such great people and even made some friends for life. We saw talented bands and enjoyed the beauty of the lands throughout New Zealand and Australia. I can’t wait to share our experiences of a lifetime with the world. Some people don’t get the chance to travel as much as they would like in their lives, so hopefully they can experience some of the culture of these places through our show.

    HH: Absolutely, I know I felt like I was traveling vicariously through the girls on season one through Europe. So on this season, you take us to Australia and New Zealand — What was your favorite hotel of your trip?

    SkyCity Base Jump BT: Well, we started off in Auckland, New Zealand at The Sky City Hotel. Its a 4 star hotel, that offers entertainment such as the casino, a restaurant called Orbit up top overlooking the entire city and harbor of Auckland, as well as The Sky Tower Jump where jumpers can “base jump by a wire” falling for about 16 seconds at a speed of 75 kph. It's like a bungee experience except you are not hanging upside down and you do not bounce around. You have an incredible view of the city at about 700 ft up in the air. If you dine at Orbit, you not only are eating delicious gourmet foods and receiving great service, but you have a panoramic view of about 50 miles!

    The Sky City Hotel has several restaurants and cafes, and is walking distance to many shops. We walked a lot when we weren’t filming? There’s even a movie theater and a mall right next to the hotel which also has a Starbucks! The rooms are pretty spacious, the beds were comfortable, there was a large desk and a small refrigerator in the room.

    OH! One of the most important things in New Zealand or Australia ? No one tips! It’s considered insulting, so don’t even try! Also, both countries are huge in conserving water and electricity. So when you can’t figure out how to turn on the lights, there’s a place next to the front door where you slip your room key into and they magically come on! It’s so when you leave the room and take your room key, the lights are automatically turned off. Also, on top of the toilets there are two flushing buttons. One says half flush and other says full, or even sometimes they don’t say that at all and there’s just two buttons, one is bigger then the other, well apparently the smaller button is for number 1, and the other is for number 2! It does conserve a lot of water! Unless of course you don’t know this and are a stupid American and you don’t get it so you press both--yeah, I know, I know, but I didn’t get it! It’s not like you give you flushing instructions or anything! I had to ask a local friend what it meant.

    HH: Well thanks for the travel tips. If anything you’ll save us any embarrassing button pushing! Any other hotels worth mentioning from your trip down under?

    Rydges Resort Esplanade Tower Apartment BT: YES! Throughout New Zealand, Australia and even Europe - there is a chain of hotels called Rydges. We stayed at one in Christchurch, New Zealand, but NOTHING topped the one in Cairns, Australia. It was called The Rydges Resort Esplanade. We had one of their apartments and it was pretty amazing. It was a very spacious 2 bedroom apartment, 3 baths, kitchen, dining room, living room, laundry room, 3 balconies facing different directions, and a TON of cabinet and storage space. The apartment also has complete room service, and the restaurant in hotel also offers you free breakfast coupons. They have an amazing array of breakfast buffet items, and they make a mean cappuccino! There are also several pools, hot tubs, tennis courts and a gym. There is even a hair salon and a tourist shop inside as the hotel. It’s walking distance from the beach, main shopping district, and bars. Pretty rad way to end out trip!

    HH: When you first got your start as an actress, you were working as Val Kilmer’s assistant. What were his favorite hotels and did you get to stay in them too?

    The Dorchester London BT: Hmmm, I would to tell you but then I'd have to kill you...kidding, kidding! I signed a confidentiality form, and even out of respect I won’t say much. I will say that when celebrities are in London, many celebrities stay at The Dorchester! Also, if you ever go to Santa Barbara, another great place to stay is either The Biltmore or The Hotel Santa Barbara. When I want a quick getaway out of Los Angeles but don’t want to travel too far, I head off to Laguna Beach and stay at The Montage Resort. It is right on the beach with rooms overlooking the ocean and HUGE pool areas, their spa is incredible, and they, too, have several 5 star restaurants. It is also pet friendly! I brought my Chihuahuas. When you bring your pets they give you a comfy down filled dog bed as well as a dog dishes with your pet's name on them, and several cute toys that they loved playing with!

    HH: Great! I love luxury hotels that let your bring your pooch. If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be and where would you stay?

    BT: I would have to say Dubai....Wow, not only are they one of the richest cities in the world but the architecture of their new buildings and islands, yes ISLANDS, are incredible! There is an underwater hotel called The Hydropolis, it should be finished being built in ?08. It is the world's first underwater hotel, and you can only stay in the rooms underwater for 5 days at at time.....can you imagine waking up seeing a shark out your window- RAD! Also, the world's ONLY 7 star hotel is in Dubai as well, The Burj Al Arab. This hotel is located on the premier Jumeirah Beach area in Dubai. To top that off, Dubai has made its own islands in shape of different countries around the world obviously much smaller! You can own your own country, that is, the island in shape of one! They were recently dubbed the Eighth Wonder of The World by its supporters! They are to this day, the largest man made islands ever made!

    Burj Al Arab Dubai

    HH: You hosted Fashion TV’s coverage of the “Night of 100 Stars” Oscar Party at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Who were some of the stars you interviewed at the hotel and were you lucky enough to stay there?

    BT: Yes, that was a fun event! I interviewed many stars including Jon Voight, James Woods, Gary Busey, Cassandra Hepburn, Alicia Arden, Curtis Murphy of award winning indie band - The Curtis Murphy Syndicate, a few stars from the movie “Rent”, a few Deal or No Deal girls, and many more! I didn’t stay there that night, but I have stayed at The Beverly Hills Hotel several times before. And, if you are visiting LA and want a place to see celebs - you should go to the Sunday Brunch at the restaurant by the pool, there’s always someone to spot there as well as great food. Their rooms are amazingly comfortable, the beds there are some of the best beds I have ever slept on in my life. Actually, they are sooo great that even The Maloofs decided to put the same beds in their own hotel, The Palms Casino and Resort in Vegas. If you are lucky enough to afford a bungalow at The Beverly Hills Hotel, do it - it’s a cottage to yourself with 24 hr service.

    HH: Well thanks so much! We can’t wait to see your new show!

    BT: Thanks for all the support!

    The series premier of Project Myworld is today at 6pm EST on DirecTV’s 101. Their first stop Auckland, New Zealand ? where Bridgetta leads the girls in a jump of the tallest building down under. For more of Bridgetta be sure to check out her website and for more Project Myworld check out their official myspace -

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    Project MyWorld's New Adventure Girl - Bridgetta Tomarchio

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