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Hal Sparks Loves the Ws

by Heather Holman on Tuesday, July 31th

  • You may know him as the former host of E!'s Talk Soup, Michael on Showtime's Queer as Folk or as the funniest commentator on VH1's I love the 80s but W Hotels knows Hal Sparks as a regular guest.

    In a recent interview with Hotels of the Rich and Famous Hal says he prefers to stay in a W Hotel when traveling, which he does often. “I like the Ws - Particularly in Chicago, The Lakeshore W.” says Sparks who travels around the world for his stand-up comedy act and band Zero 1, of which he is the lead singer.

    When a W isn't available he'll pick a unique hotel over the competition. Staying in such hotels as the Hotel QT in Manhattan which he describes as a “weird little hotel - with tiny rooms and a swimming pool in the lobby ” but don't let his description fool you, he truly likes the Hotel QT stating, “I really enjoyed it. I will stay there again... many times.”

    Another swanky hotel Sparks frequents is the The Argonaut in San Francisco. Which he claims “is a great hotel with nice sized rooms”, but warns the décor is a bit loud.

    Whether it be traveling across the world or performing one of his many talents - Hal Sparks certainly has style and great taste which affords him to stay at many hotels for the rich and famous.

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    Hal Sparks Loves the Ws

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