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Mary Carey - Inside and Out

by Bridgetta Tomarchio on Wednesday, March 28th

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    Mary Carey is known worldwide as the sexy porn star that ran for governor, but she’s so much more than that. She is actually classy yet funny, down to earth yet extremely smart person, and a loyal, talented friend. She started in ballet as a wee child, with dreams of dancing and performing in front of huge audiences, and that she has done. She has lived an interesting life, which has made her such a strong person. You may know her from her many films, the news, modeling or from some of VH1’s Hit Shows such as Celebrity Rehab and Sober House. This is Mary Carey: Inside and OUT...

    BT: Mary, you are a true survivor. You've been through a lot growing up. Can you share with everyone what it was like growing up in your household and what your family is like?

    MC: My mom and dad are both mentally handicap. My dad has cerebral palsy and my mom is schizophrenic. I was raised by grandparents from age 3 months on and they legally adopted me at the age of 7. They were like my parents and I viewed them as my mom and dad. When my grandfather died when I was 16 and my grandmother got sick with Parkinson disease at the same time it was hard on me and led me down the wrong path a little bit. I had no parental guidance and I was the parent to my grandmother and my mother from 16 on. My grandmother eventually died of Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s when I was 23.


    BT: Where are you originally from? Did you go to college?

    MC: I am originally from Cleveland, Ohio but moved to south Florida when I was 7 so I consider myself a Florida girl. I love Florida so much. I grew up in the Fort Lauderdale area. I went to Florida State University for 1 semester and then Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida for the next 3 years. I loved FAU and was on the dance team there.


    BT: Speaking of Dancing, how did you first get into stripping?

    MC: I got into stripping by entering an amateur contest and winning the $500 cash prize. My boyfriend at the time used to go with his friends every week to the strip club and he thought I would win, funny thing was he broke up with me the next day after I won saying he didn't like how his friends saw me naked.


    BT: You mentioned you grew up in Florida, what’s your favorite hotel there?

    MC: My favorite hotel from where I grew up is the Boca Raton Resort and Beach Club. Not only is it my favorite hotel from where I grew up but also it is my favorite hotel ever. I just love it there. There is the resort side, which is on the intercoastal, and then the Beach resort side that is on the beach. Both are beautiful. I love to rent jet skis and ride up and down the intercoastal.


    BT: What other hotels do you like, where are they located and why?

    Mary-Carey-in-New-York-City.jpg MC: I love to stay at the The Ritz-Carlton in any big city. I have stayed at the one in South Beach, Santa Monica, Philly, San Francisco and New York City. I also love the Le Parker Meridien New York. I stayed there for the first time when I was running for Governor of California and I loved the location and thought it was beautiful. They also have a wonderful breakfast there every morning. At the time when Howard Stern was on regular radio it was great because his studio was just down the street from Le Parker Meridien and you could just walk right over after breakfast.


    BT: What made you decide to run for governor of California? Can you tell us about the race, etc?

    Mary-Carey-Red-Carpet.jpg MC: I decided to run for governor because the owner of the porn company I was under contract with came up with the idea as a publicity stunt and I just went for it. I had so much fun and it changed my life. I went from living in LA for 4 months, to going on Jay Leno and walking the red carpet at the Emmy Awards. It was crazy for me.


    BT: What about your favorite California Hotels?

    MC: I love the Chateau Marmont and the The Beverly Hills Hotel and Bungalows in Hollywood. I think Chateau Marmont is great because it is such a secretive hotel and it always feels mysterious when you are there. It is a great hotel for people who want to see celebrities. I also love the The Beverly Hills Hotel and Bungalows since it has the Polo Lounge and a wonderful pool and wonderful bungalows.


    BT: How did your family first react to you when they found out you were stripping? How did they react to knowing that you were in porn? How are they now that you've gone mainstream?

    MC: My mother is very proud of me, I don't think she understands fully about the porn, she just knows that I have been on TV and she loves my Cinemax movies. She has the rated R version of 2 of them on DVD and watches them all the time. My mom has been on the Howard Stern show with me twice and my dad has been on the Howard Stern show with me one time, so I guess they are pretty supportive.


    BT: What led you to doing porn? How did you get started and why?

    MC: I always loved being center of attention growing up. I did ballet and dance and loved being on stage. I think when I got into porn I saw it as a way to get into mainstream acting. I was a theater major at FAU and I didn't know then that porn actually makes it harder to get into mainstream. I was super excited thought, CNBC just did an article naming the top 10 porn stars that crossed over to mainstream and I made the list! I still feel like I have a lot of work to do though to reach my goal.


    BT: Day one on your first shoot, were you nervous? If so, how did you calm down your fears?

    MC: I really wasn't that nervous about the fact that I was going to shoot a porn I was nervous about having sex with a woman since I had only kissed girls up until that point and it wasn't until I did movies that I had sex with girls.


    BT: How many movies have you done?

    MC: I have done about 80 movies although companies make compilations of the same scenes with different box covers so it appears as if I am in 200. I did mostly girl on girl and only 12 boy/girl scenes in my career. Since I was usually in relationships with a guy and they didn't want me having sex with other guys I stuck to girls.


    BT: You travel a lot for your career and have stayed in numerous hotels across the country, which stand out as your favorite and why?

    MC: I love to travel. I love the W Hotel in Chicago that is on the Lake, it is super pretty. I love W hotels in general. My contracts usually say Hilton quality or better so I stay at a lot of nice Hilton Hotels when I am on the road feature dancing. I have quite a bit of Hilton Honors Points. Another hotel that stands out is the Le Meridien Chambers Minneapolis. That hotel is super pretty and excellent service.


    BT: You just took a vacation to Hawaii, where did you stay?

    MC: I have been to Hawaii 2 times, the first time I stayed at The Kahala Hawaii. The Kahala is amazing and beautiful and is very luxurious. The second time I stayed at a more affordable resort, the Hilton which was great for people on a budget and also it would be a great hotel to stay at if you have kids.


    BT: Did VH1's Celebrity Rehab and Sober House help change your life and how? Are you still in counseling?

    Celebrity-Rehab-VH1-Cast.jpgMC: The shows changed my life. I had a problem with Xanax and at that time I was going through a lot. My mom had jumped off a 4-story building 6 months prior to me doing Celebrity Rehab so I was very depressed. It got me off pills and helped me get more mainstream. Sober house was shot a year later and I am grateful to that show for introducing me to Dr. Charles Sophy. I have been seeing him since the show and he is amazing. He is always there for me and without him I am not sure where I would be. Dr. Sophy is the most amazing psychiatrist ever in my opinion and I could really go on and on about how much I love him and how grateful I am to him for everything he has done for me. I just love him so much. I always say, thank you Dr. Drew for introducing me to Dr. Sophy on Sober House.


    BT: Do you think you turned to alcohol and pills due to the industry you were in?

    MC: I don't think porn made me drink or take Xanax, and I do still drink wine and champagne or beer occasionally now but the pills was because I couldn't sleep at night and I just took more and more. It wasn't the porn; it was being lonely and scared.


    BT: What advice would you give to young teens having sex at such an early age?

    MC: I think it is horrible how TV glorifies teens having sex, with shows like Teen Mom, on MTV. I think kids need to wait. It is horrible seeing kids having kids. I feel kids these days are trying to grow up way to young. They need to enjoy their youth and I think the media needs to stop making these teen moms famous and putting them on tabloids makes other young girls want to have sex and be like them. It is just wrong.


    BT: Where is the most exotic place you have stayed and tell us why it’s so incredible.

    MC: I think the most exotic place I have ever stayed, was when we actually went on a trip together to the private island of Mustique, in the West Indies. It’s part of the Grenada Islands. It was so cool staying there! The island is only 2.2 sq miles, which has only 1 tiny hotel, 1 bar/restaurant and then 100 huge houses, all owned by celebrities. It was amazing. It’s so small that only golf carts are used to get around on the island. Each house comes with a full staff to cater to all your needs. We also learned how to scuba dive!


    BT: Favorite city to travel to and why?

    MC: I love traveling to Philadelphia. I simply love the people there and I always have so much fun. I also think it is my biggest fan base for some reason.


    BT: What are you working on now? Where do you see yourself in 5 yrs (goals, etc.)?

    MC: I really want to do more mainstream work. I really am focusing on that. I also in 5 years would love to have a little girl. I am working on a book and hopefully in 5 years I will be on my 2nd book and they will both be New York Times Bestsellers.


    BT: Where can fans go to find out where you're feature dancing, appearances, updates, etc?

    MC: Please go to (if you are over 18 only!) or follow me on twitter

    BT: Thanks so much!

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    Mary Carey - Inside and Out

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